We are known as one of the most reliable sales and marketing agency specialized in Korean outbound tourism industry. We provide excellent representation services in trainings, workshops, roadshows, exhibitions and other exclusive networking opportunities where we can hold business meetings with key players in the industry, from consumer to MICE travel agencies.

We deliver sales materials, including banners or brochures that we can produce in-house, respond to trade walk-ins and build strong connections that will result in partnerships and collaborations. We can also facilitate proposals, negotiate and oversee contracts between trade outlets to ensure you get the best deals and organize flash sales.

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Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation: Coordinate and develop contents with Korean K-pop stars in Maldives

After Resort World Manila (RWM) opened its new budget hotel, Remington, within the RWM complex, the number of posting on the negative images and comments spread on Manila. As the news has widely spread on gun shooting accidents for Korean travelers in Manila, S Marketing & Communications had to develop the comprehensive strategy to minimize the spread of those issues and maximize the positive images on RWM. S Marketing & Communications have:

- Creating new PR themes in order to minimize the spread of the negative news such as inviting TV stars, proposing the Korean concert at RWM,
- Organized the various affiliated marketing with popular brands that would be well picked up by the Korean media.
- Intensified the media monitoring.
- Direct Q&A through SNS even on the negative news on RWM- direct and accurate delivery of information can be key factor to overcome the crisis and media relations.

The number of Korean visitors to RWM for the has tripled compared to the number of Korean visitors in the opening year.