We have launched the marquee international cruise brands in Korea by connecting the right partners with the clients.

We have boosted sales and built a presence of the brands through the strategic alliance with the key partners, and researched the sales volumes and market trend regularly to select the right PSAs who are able to generate the feasible sales. As the cruise FIT market grows as fast as other industries in Korea, we have developed the digital marketing team of cruise that reach out to the potential customers through the social media, website development, eDM distributions etc. while updating the traditional marketing channels such as public relations, event organization, CRM, consumer promotions, etc. Cruise marketing and sales activities include:

Marketing Strategy
App Development
User Experience
Project Success

Creative Direction
Brand Marks
Identity Systems
Brand Strategy

Genting Cruise Lines: Expanding cruise market and increase sales for Genting Cruises

S Marketing & Communication started representing Genting Cruise Line in Korea from 2011. S Marketing & Communications has played an instrumental role in growing the overall cruise market in Korea through aggressive & stratigic sales activities. Since 2011, S Marketing & Communication was able to boosted sales of fly & cruises product by 761% in 2019. For actual sales activities, S Marketing & Communications have conducted numerous B2B seminar, participated in exhibition and hosted quarterly basis agents fam tours over the years of representing Genting Cruise Line in Korea. It has expanded the cruise sales from niche luxury market to cooperate & MICE market.

Star Cruise: Crisis management from South Korea ferry disaster, Sewol Ferry

When Sewol ferry with over 200 students going to Jeju has sank in 2014, it has directly impacted the Korea cruise industry. Cancelations were coming in from Korean customers and to overcome the huge drop of sales and cancellation, S Marketing & Communications shift gears to reach out to expat living in Korea. Through the researches on the expat communities and aggressive sales calls with the competitive conditions after the tragedy, the sales from Korea market has slowly recovered from the record after the tragedy. Also, to recover from lost business, S Marketing & Communications expanded selling cruise products to group package team, to include 1 or 2 nights cruise program in the package tours, to minimize the focus on cruise travel. This new approach and strategy worked and despite the bad reputation on cruise trips, S Marketing was able to maintain the sales result and even and increased Star Cruise sales drastically within few months after the disaster.